Hasty Departure

Having originally intended to stay near Marseillan for another day, this morning a set of four rather gabbly neighbours combined with an incessantly barking dog encouraged us to call it a day, we’d been here six days after all, and move on rather precipitously to our next intended port of call, Fanjeaux, not far from Carcassonne in the Pays Cathare.

Regrettably we drove just far enough (100mls/160kms) to get under some dark and threatening clouds, maybe suffering from the influence of the Pyrenees. The weather in the south of the country is going through a more unsettled spell while the north and west look considerably more appealing. However, we’ve still got two weeks left and are reticent to head north just yet. It’s tempting to feel as though we are approaching the end but it’s also sobering to think that, had we begun a “normal” two week break this weekend, we’d only just have arrived in the south and have it all to look forward to.

Froglet portrait Froglet profile We’ve headed for Camping les Brugues, a favourite farm site of ours at Fanjeaux. We were stunned to discover that it was completely empty. We now have the entire campsite to ourselves so we certainly seemed to have fixed the gabbly neighbours issue. Well, that is, we have the campsite to ourselves except for several families of coots, three grey herons and many thousand froglets on and around the neighbouring lake. The grass is so full of little frogs that we have to be wary of where we walk. Several hop to safety every time we take a step. It’s like having our own personal nature reserve. The little guy in these pictures is only about 1in/2.5cms long.

We’ll get a paper tomorrow and see what Meteo France thinks about the weather prospects. We hear that Steve and Rosemary are now basking in sunshine up in the Vendée and that the forecast is fair.

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