France Tomorrow

Liz to the rescue! Having provided us with an excellent paella yesterday evening, Liz, our neighbour, has provided me with a spare mobile phone. Having destroyed mine  with a hefty dose of Persil Small and Mighty aided buy a Bosch washing machine yesterday, I have now got my SIM card in Liz’s old handset and I’m up and running again. Apart from being able to keep in touch with mater, I’ll be able to Twiitter.

Our ferry is at 1:00 PM tomorrow. That should put us in La Belle France at about 3:30 PM local time. Tomorrow the outlook is, indeed, belle but unfortunately the weather appears to be descending into something rather less than belle for a good chunk of the following week. Drat! Oh well, we’ll just have to try and make the most of it.

This trip will provide a new combination of status updates. For the first time I should have both Twitterability courtesy of Liz’s phone for brief updates and blogability courtesy of the occasional McDonalds McWiFi for more considered ramblings and photographs.

For the interested minority:

Twitter updates are at and are also automatically copied to our home page,

Traveblog updates will be here ( under the category “France, 2009”.

Billy Bailey is mostly loaded. Our car is mostly loaded. We must be mostly ready.

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