Counterintuitive Cooling

The blogs have been building up again having failed to find the McDonald’s in Arles. Today we wanted to get some exercise and cycle the 4mls/6kms into Maussane-les-Alpilles avec laptop and try the supposed free WiFi hotspots in town.

The day was hot. Several years ago in some particularly steamy French temperatures we began by thinking that it would be too hot to cycle enjoyably with all the physical exertion required so we avoided clambering on our bikes and going out for a ride. Avoided it, that is, until our boredom thresholds were exceeded by sitting still for too long doing next to nothing. “Oh, let’s give it a try”, we said gamely. We did and most unexpectedly it proved to be noticeably cooler cycling along than sitting still. The draft caused by a modest forward speed is like sitting in front of a fan and it more than compensates for the additional exertion. Much better.

Maussane-les-Alpilles Thus unafraid to cycle in warmer weather, we cycled into town, picked one of the cafes and settled down with a coffee to post our blog entries. They all seemed to post well and considerably faster than they had been doing chez McDonald’s, I might add. Unfortunately something weird appears to have happened to some of those we last posted chez McDonald’s @ Digne-les-Bains. I tried to figure out what was awry but both my ideas and the laptop’s battery ran low before I could determine anything. Blasted technology! It’ll have to wait until I get home (not that I want to think about getting home just yet).

We rode back the long way going about 10mls/16kms out of our way. Then, being fans of cycling along to cool down, did another 12mls/20kms up into Les Alpilles and back in the afternoon.

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