Across the Camargue

Yesterday afternoon I cycled into Maussane les Alpilles to have a beer in one of the bars offering free WiFi. I posted whatever new blog entries I had but was very disturbed to learn that there seems to be something terminal ailing my blog installation. I tried but really couldn’t come to any conclusion as to what might be wrong. Blog entries seem to be being posted successfully, show up on the admin screens but not on the blog display page. Very curious. It’s as if the database or the WordPress installation has been corrupted. It’ll probably have to wait until we get home (boo hoo!) to sort it out.

The Mistral finally died down over night and this morning we packed and set off for Montagnac near Pézenas in the Languedoc. We originally had an appointment with Carol’s birthday lunch on the coming Saturday. Yesterday we discovered that Steve and Rosemary ad decided to zoom down south and join us so we now have a second appointment to meet up with them; they’ve pitched their tent on our intended campsite.

We had a very pleasant drive across the Camargue before hitting an autoroute to negotiate Montpellier painlessly. Unfortunately I clambered off said autoroute a little too soon and we ended up suffering some of the pain of Montpellier’s suburb traffic. Serves me right for being tight-fisted and trying to avoid autoroute tolls.

The Campsite reception was closed when we arrived so we chose a free-looking pitch in the hope that we could stay on it. Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, pitches get reserved. We think we’re a couple of pitches away from Steve and Rosemary’s tent which was also unmanned when we arrived.

There are some strange, fluffy, grey and white cloudy things in the sky. I hope they don’t bring friends and gather in strength.

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