Walk, Walk, Walk

We’re having a little “fun” this week since the local council has our escape route, Plantation Road, closed for four days, Monday thru’ Thursday, for resurfacing work. It’s not completely closed, access is still mostly possible, but it does require some timing to get out and back in again. I had chosen Tuesday to have our Mazda MOT tested and me serviced. (For American readers: MOT = Ministry Of Transport test, a.k.a. safety inspection.) In my case, my service was to be a visit to the dentist for my first real filling since leaving university. Scary spiders!

Mazzie was booked in for 1:30 PM but I realized that I couldn’t guarantee escaping at the appointed hour so I got up early and left just before 8:00 AM, when the workmen start blocking the road. Having dropped the car off, it was about a two mile walk back home for a desperately needed coffee.

Once the coffee had circulated around my system, 9:30 was upon us and it was time to leave for another two mile walk back into town where my dentist was waiting eagerly, Black-and-Decker in hand, to reduce the amount of dentine in my mouth. We’re clearly paying dentists far too much; I had a one hour appointment but the procedure must have taken only about 30 minutes. Knock ’emselves out, they don’t. Anyhow, she was very gentle with me and I was soon off with the left hand side of my mouth numb, to buy some provisions prior to the two mile walk back home.

Sense having returned, to my mouth, at least, if not the world, the phone rang announcing that good ol’ Mazzie had passed its MOT test and we could swan around with the roof down legally for another year. So, back on with the somewhat overheated walking shoes for the now very familiar two mile wander back to town to collect the car, run the gauntlet of the roadworks and get back home.

It seemed like a busy day but it was pretty good exercise.

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