To the Cher, mon Cher

Terrific, we awoke to rain which soon got quite heavy. I detest packing up in the rain, especially the awning which, owing the late evening disturbances, was still up and saturated. However, pack we did, wet we got and the road we hit (all very Yoda).

We’d really wanted to stay where we were until the last minute but, discretion being the better part of valour when it comes to possible tussles with Irish navvies, we decided to visit a new part of La Loire where Carol wanted to visit some supposedly impressive gardens at the château de Villandry. We headed for Savonnières close to the confluence of le Cher and La Loire.

It rained for most of our four hour journey. Having packed in the rain, I was fearing setting up in yet more rain but, fortunately, it ceased and we set up in the dry.

SavonnieresA Cher 'la toue' boat Once we were settled, we went out to investigate the local area. There is only the Loire à velo cycle track between us and the river Cher. Wandering up the track towards Savonnières, we discovered several old wooden boats. Close by, an exhibit has a partially built boat showing several of the construction stages. The boats are "faithful reconstructions" of medieval craft used for various tasks (e.g. transport, fishing) and particular in design to the river Cher.

We didn’t want to finish our trip feeling unsettled by itinerants. Let’s hope we’ll feel more comfortable here.

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