Hoorah, Books!

Another blindingly beautiful day called for a walk into town to see if the local library had reopened its doors to people thirsting for knowledge on such thrilling subjects as CSS and PHP. Joy, it was, indeed, open again so no wasted five mile walk. Actually, it was such a lovely day that it wouldn’t have been wasted anyway; it was just a good excuse along, that is, with needing some ingredients to make a prawn Thai green curry.

Everything had moved around, of course, and muggins here had chosen not to install his contact lenses so I couldn’t see much. Fortunately, Carol was with me and managed to play guide person and steer me to the correct section. At close quarters I was not visually challenged and managed to locate a useful looking book on CSS, DHTML and AJAX, which might prove interesting. Sad person that I am, I also found an intriguing little number called “The Rough Guide to Blogging” by Jonathan Yang. This has already introduced me to a client blogging program, w.bloggar, enabling offline blogs to be written and uploaded later. That could be useful on the road, saving entries until a friendly wi-fi providing Starbucks can be found. I’m trying it out by writing this using it.

Alas, apparently no publication on PHP but I did manage to use their excellent (i.e. simple) computer system to find an appropriate volume at another Bedfordshire library and reserve it for collection at Leighton Buzzard. Terrific!

Now, where’s that green curry? 🙂

3 comments on “Hoorah, Books!
  1. Rosemary says:

    Ok – so where were you when you wrote this? Has Starbucks hit Buzzardville? Or were you writingn this from home?

  2. Elrond says:

    I have quite a comprehensive library of computer books and photographic manipulation books you may like to borrow, including a php book. I am also getting a couple of magazines, one on digital photography and another on webstuff. The DP book contains quite a good video guide on photoshop techniques, (including elements and other lesser programs). The Internet mag, not so good, but does have a good read on the up coming technologies.

    When are you adding addwords to the site to get a revenue stream? Also you could register with google for web analytics. Draws some pretty graphs of where your readers come from. Easy to implement as you just put the javascript in the footer.

  3. JC says:

    Rosemary – I was at home, just testing the functionality. No, we do not yet have a Starbucks in LB but we do have the “Barista Sisters” 🙂

    Steve – thanks, I may well take you up on that offer. I’ll be intrigued, though, to see how long it takes my reserved book on PHP and MySQL to appear. I’m trying to sort email feeds out at teh moment so adwords may have to wait a while.

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