Guestbooked Reunion

Imagine my surprise when a new entry turned up in our Guestb00k from Michael Borse, a former San Francisco office Walker colleague of more years ago than I care to remember – probably about 10 years. Imagine my surprise turn to amazement when his entry told me he was working this week in glorious (?) downtown Milton Keynes, a mere 10 miles from our house. We had lost contact but Mike had spotted a signpost to Leighton Buzzard (not a name readily forgotten), Googled us, discovered our web site and signed the Guestb00k. (Aside: I can’t help but think it a little sad that an American gets to visit England on a business trip only to get stationed in Milton Keynes, possible the least British, most American town in the country.)

We were soon back in contact and I quickly arranged to collect Mike from his hotel so we could catch up over dinner chez nous on Thursday evening. It can be difficult talking to some folks in something of a reunion situation, especially as life has moved on quite a way for both parties, but not so with Mike. The years since we last met seemed to dissolve and disappear; it was as though we’d never lost touch (for my part, anyway). ‘T was a grand evening. Mike lucked out because Carol was on kitchen duty since I’d been decorating at mater’s flat for the week. He timed his trip to perfection. We must maintain the contact now that we have a second chance.

I’m really glad I invested the time and effort developing our Guestb00k. It’s paid terrific dividends. 🙂

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