Forced Ignorance

Just after Carol gave up work at the end of February, 2006, we both trotted in to our local library in Leighton Buzzard and joined. Actually, since joining we have been lent a steady stream of books by assorted relatives and friends, so much so that I really haven’t had cause to return for leisure reading material (posh phrase for pulp fiction).

Having recently been delving into the worlds of CSS and PHP in order to upgrade our website, I thought it might be educational to trot down town, pop into the library and see whether there were any manuals on these topics in the technical section which is a reasonable size.

It looked suspiciously quiet. Just as I was on my way in, some workmen moved aside the barrier which I had yet to notice and came out. “I think it opens again on Monday”, said one helpful chap.

On the one day in two years that I’d been intending to borrow a book, the library was shut. Drat! I will try again on Monday. 🙁

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