Cyclic History

Tracing family history is made a little easier by dealing with a less than common surname like “Curd”. At least, it was less than common until I traced my roots back to Buxted near Uckfield in Sussex where there was apparently a plethora of Curds. Indeed, there were so many concurrent Curd families here that I’m surprised it wasn’t renamed Curdfield, Sussex.

In trying to go back beyond the early 1800s just to put a bit more flesh on the family bones, I did a very generic search on Curd using a Mormon family ancestry site and what pops up? A christening:

31st May, 1711 in Leighton Buzzard, Beds – John Curd (father: John Curd, mother: Isabel).

I’ve been here before, several times, it seems. 😮

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