Cover-up Saturday

(Posted out of sequence by popular demand.)

After getting Billy serviced on Wind-up Friday, Cover-up Saturday was time for Carol and I to try and put his blanket back on without the assistance of a pair of tall, strapping American arms.

Fortunately the Friday rain had dissipated over night and Saturday morning was quite pleasant – a little muddy underfoot but quite pleasant nonetheless. Some rubbing had occurred over winter and seamstress Carol had to reinforce a couple of spots on the roof of the cover to give further protection where the ends of a couple of aluminium channels touched. Nasty job sewing a 5.5 by 2.5 by 2 metre caravan cover but she managed very neatly. Another difficult thing to do with such a large contrivance is to fold it up. How the company that supplies them does it is beyond me – it was quite a neat package when it arrived. Somehow, I managed to bundle it into the back of the car, though and off we set.

After rinsing off the worst of Billy’s dirt from the drag through yesterday’s rain, out came the cover and, hearts in mouths, we began. Effectively the process is to hold the cover up on two logical broom handles, one either side of the caravan, and walk it from front to back, carefully avoiding the aerial and flue on the roof. Easier said than done when you are holding a 5.5 by 2.5 metre sail on two broom handles in a breeze! (Memo to self: don’t ever try this in a wind.) However, after a few heart-stopping moments it was in position and we dropped the sides and fitted the straps. Because Carol is small and mighty, she managed very well given her lack of physical stature which she clearly makes up for in heart; must be all that Greensand Trust training.

Billy was a bit disappointed at going back to bed thinking the season had started but there’s a few weeks to wait, yet.

It went better than we had expected so hopefully, practice is the key. Since Billy gets very grubby very quickly under a very large oak tree, the cover will need installing every time, not just over winter.

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  1. In the absence of any pictues I guess we will have to take your word for it that all went well and Billy is once again covered.

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