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Softwear Releases

As any regular readers will have noticed from my recent posts, it really isn’t possible to talk about the after-effects of a radical prostatectomy without completely burying one’s embarrassment. Fortunately, I don’t mind talking frankly and openly with my heart

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Getting My Kit Off

Startling admission: I’ve never been a sports fan. [Ed: No, really!?] My problem is not just a lack of interest, it’s a dislike that encompasses not only watching sport but also, indeed mainly, partaking in sport. By “sport”, I’m referring

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A Month Downstream

The month in question is the month following the removal of my catheter, which is, of course, when my stream started. 😀 As I was being packed off home with my initial supply of continence pads to deal with my

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Extra Padding

Anyone with a copy of Lou Reed’s classic (my opinion) 1972 album, Transformer, should flip it over and remind themselves of the artwork on the reverse of the album/CD cover. For those whose music collection is sadly lacking, I’ve pinched

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PC Exercises

[Don’t panic – I haven’t suddenly gone Politically Correct!] Both prior to my operation and after the subsequent removal of the catheter, I had been regaled to do regular pelvic floor exercises. I’d heard of pelvic floor exercises, of course,

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Night Horrors

It is now three weeks since the removal of my accursed catheter so it’s way beyond time for a progress report. Blame the hiatus of Christmas which was, most unusually, a white Christmas in the UK. Cue Bing Crosby …

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Catheter Withdrawal Symptoms

Yesterday was another milestone in my process to get fixed. We were due another fun trip to High Wycombe hospital for what was billed as my “trial without catheter”. From Catheter Catharsis, regular readers will be well aware of my

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Staples Away

When this whole radical prostatectomy procedure was originally being explained to me, I was told that the process would involve 5 small incisions through my abdomen wall and that, having been discharged, my staples would be removed by a practice

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Catheter Catharsis

[Ed: Good grief, how’s that for alliteration?] It is said that writing about something can be cathartic. Let’s hope so. Whatever comments I have previously made about hospitals, two other things must be said. Firstly, the staff that I met

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PSA Screening Rejected

Sometimes what I read in reported articles makes me weep. I don’t know whether it is inaccurate/over-simplified reporting or the attitude of experts that causes my weeping. I’ve had a vested interest in this one. Here are snippets from the

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