2022 Lanzarote

Travel had suffered for a couple of years due to Covid-19 with several planned trips being cancelled or postponed. Some travel was again becoming possible and in March 2022 we bravely stuck our toe in the water and went on an Explore! walking trip on Lanzarote. Masks were required on planes and in airports so the travel was a little less than ideal. The airports were manic with lots of other people bravely sticking their toes in the water, too.

We had never been to the Canary Islands before. I believe that they vary considerably. Because of the flight timings, we flew out a couple of days before the walking tour itself began, so we hired a car. Covid had knackered car hire; there are few available, stock having been offloaded, and those that remain are consequently expensive.

Lanzarote proved to have what can only be described as a bleak, volcanic landscape; bleak because it is utterly devoid of trees other than for a handful of imported palm trees in Haria. It is also devoid of any fresh water, all of its water supply coming from a single desalination plant. Consequently it was also almost entirely devoid of wildlife, so not really my kind of place at all. Lanzarote can be windy, very windy, and was when we arrived and for several days thereafter. Eventually the wind abated and it was good to get some exercise and sun at the back end of of a dismal winter. I can’t say that I’d rush back, though.

The pictures below are a little unusual for us in that many were snaps taken on our mobile phones.