2017 Namibia

After being stuck in something of a rut for a couple of years, setting up a house in Spain, we are again looking further afield for some travel excitement. In February 2017, we embarked upon Explore!’s Namib Lodge Safari for 10 days (12, including long-haul flights).

The impressive sand dunes of Namibia were on Carol’s bucket list and they were the driving force behind our trip. As a wildlife fan, I was happy to go along since the tour also spent a couple of days in the iconic Etosha National Park. I couldn’t control the itinerary but there might also be some new dragonflies on offer. 😉

There were a couple of strokes of poor timing. Firstly, we hadn’t realized but we were heading off in Namibia’s wet season and it was being a particularly wet wet season. The effect of an abundance of water is to make the wildlife disperse, certainly the larger wildlife. Secondly, I managed to get sick for a day (I suspect food from the previous accommodation) and to miss the majority of our two days in Etosha recovering. Nonetheless, it was an experience worth having – visiting Namibia, I mean, not being sick.

The biggest kick I got was joining Tommy’s Living Desert Tour, though. That was a highlight for both of us and I would unreservedly recommend it to anybody.

Here’s our itinerary on Google Maps.

On the Road
Into the Dunes of Sossusvlei
Swakopmund: Tommy’s Living Desert Tour
Cape Cross
Mount Brandberg
A Himba Village
Waterberg Plateau
Etosha: Big Game
New Odonata
Other Critters (Arachnophobes Beware!)