2017 Hong Kong

After a seven year delay for one reason after another, we finally embarked upon our long awaited Antipodean trip in October 2017. To make the long haul journey more bearable, we lashed out on premium economy tickets which pushed us onto Cathay Pacific. Since we’d be flying through Hong Kong, we made a 3-day rest stop to break our outbound journey. Good decisions, both.

It would have been an even better decision had a typhoon not arrived on day three, the day of our departure. We were trapped in our hotel room for most of the day but fortunately the storm abated sufficiently for us to make it out to the airport for our midnight continuation south. Fortunately also, the plane was able to take off.

Not being a lover of cities, I had been less than relaxed about stopping in Hong Kong but, to my delight, I found that I actually enjoyed it (except the typhoon bit, of course). I was even happier to find that there were dragonflies to play with in Hong Kong Park, which was just a mile walk from our hotel. I could even be encouraged to return.

We should have made a similar rest stop, preferably typhoon free, on our return trip. Next time.

A few new Dragonflies