Ever since childhood I’ve been captivated by butterflies. They are probably the most widely charismatic of insects. I’m used to slamming on the brakes in France to chase and identify more exotic species that don’t occur in Britain. This page is my personal photographic record of those we’ve seen.

We begin with our home territory of Europe but below those I’ve added the handful of species that we’ve bumped into in further flung parts of the world. Since this page is a getting a little long, here’re links to the sections.

  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. The Antipodes
  4. Africa


Swallowtail Scarce Swallowtail
Southern Scarce Swallowtail Spanish Festoon Clouded Apollo
Large White Small White Dark-veined White
Green-veined White Wood White Black-veined White Bath White
Orange Tip Provence Orange Tip
Clouded Yellow Brimstone Cleopatra
Ilex Hairstreak False Ilex Hairstreak Green Hairstreak
Small Copper Madeiran Small Copper Large Copper
Purple Shot Copper Purple-edged Copper Long-tailed Blue
Geranium Bronze Lang’s Short-tailed Blue
Little Tiger Blue Short-tailed Blue Small Blue
Osiris Blue Green-underside Blue
Panoptes Blue Silver-studded Blue Meleager’s Blue
Common Blue Brown Argus
Adonis Blue Holly Blue Escher’s Blue
Duke of Burgundy
Monarch Plain Tiger
Purple Emperor
Comma Southern Comma
Map Butterfly
White Admiral Southern White Admiral Small Tortoiseshell
Red Admiral Macaronesian Red Admiral
Painted Lady Peacock
Silver-washed Fritillary Queen of Spain Fritillary
Titania’s Fritillary Knapweed Fritillary
Spotted Fritillary Provencal Fritillary
Marbled White Western Marbled White
Great Banded Grayling Woodland Grayling Striped Grayling
Ringlet Piedmont Ringlet Dewy Ringlet
Scotch Argus Meadow Brown Small Heath
Gatekeeper Spanish Gatekeeper Pearly Heath
Chestnut Heath Dusky Heath
Speckled Wood Wall Brown
Grizzled Skipper Dingy Skipper Mallow Skipper
Large Chequered Skipper Small Skipper Essex Skipper Large Skipper


Black-veined Tiger Common Tiger Common Indian Crow
Common Bush Brown Dark Brand Bush Brown White Four-ring
Common Palmfly Common Lascar Tawny Coster
Lesser Grass Blue Pea Blue Hedge Blue
Painted Sawtooth Psyche Three-spot Grass Yellow

The Antipodes

Common Rose Besta Palm Dart Banded Demon
Yellow Admiral New Zealand Red Admiral Rauparaha’s Copper Common Grass Blue


Citrus Swallowtail

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