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Al’s Curry Base Gravy

I have suffered a revelation. There is a whole cookery world out there that I didn’t know existed. It concerns Indian/Bangladeshi curries, which I love. I’ve dabbled with Indian cookery recipes in the past and, I must say, with some

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Sauce Vierge

Developed by Michel Guérard, this is a fresh, modern, light accompaniment that goes well with plain grilled or pan-fried fish. It remains to be seen whether I can avoid my beloved Salsa Verde to try this, though. I have one

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Alioli Sauce

Alioli in Spain, aioli in France, garlic mayonnaise in Britain. Traditionally, this would be made with 100% olive oil, preferably extra virgin. Personally, I find that a bit too rich and prefer to cut it 50/50 with something lighter like

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Salmoriglio is a bit like a variation of Salsa Verde from Sicily. Like Salsa Verde , it goes very well with plain grilled fish. The eminent Mr. Stein does it with swordfish, which I am sure is very good. I’ve

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Dill and Cucumber Sauce

Odd though this may sound, I find salmon a little dull. Maybe this is because of the amount farmed and that it has become one of the cheapest fish on the market. The wild stuff is good, the organic farmed

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Salsa Verde

A wonderful little je ne sais quoi for adding some extra interest to plain grilled fish – Gilthead Bream or Red Snapper, for example. It’s also excellent with a grilled steak such as sirloin or rib-eye. Planning serves: 4 preparation

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