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Duck Vindaloo

In an anglicized Indian Restaurant (mostly Bangladeshi), Vindaloo seems simply to be up near the top, if not at the top, of the heat scale. The name, however is a corruption of vinha d’alhos, meaning wine and garlic, and is

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Sag Aloo

I’ve always been fond of Sag Aloo as an accompaniment in our local, excellent Indian restaurant and, having some potatoes and spinach to use up, decided to try this as a side to my chicken and lentil (Murghi aur Masoor

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Murghi aur Masoor Dal

In English this was called Bombay-style Chicken with Red Split Lentils when Madhur Jaffrey published it. I suppose it would now be called Mumbai-style. Such is fashion, or is it political correctness? Anyway, fed up with plain chicken on a

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Chicken Biryani

Proper Biryanis do not have hot spice in them. Why, then, do most of the recipes out there in Internet-land toss in chillis of one colour or another? Madhur Jaffrey is usually a reliable source of recipes which approach genuine.

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