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Spanish Fish Stew with Almond Crust

One to try from Thomasina Myers, who seemed to forget to tell us what to do with the almond mixture so I’ve taken a wild guess. Planning serves: 4 preparation time:  15 mins cooking time:  45 mins Ingredients 4 tbs

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Suquet de Peix

This is like a Spanish Bouillabaise, a fish stew, from the Catalan region. (Fish stew doesn’t sound nearly as appealing, does it?) Driven by my having an octopus in the freezer that needed using, I got this idea from Culinaria

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Cod with Leek & Potato Sauce

I have never understood the popularity of cod, other than as fish and chips. To me, it is a rather bland, uninspiring fish. So, when a cod recipe has me searching for superlatives, I know it must be something special.

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Sea Bass with a Black Olive Crust

This recipe is based upon one in Nico by Nico Ladenis. My main change is to use wholemeal breadcrumbs instead of white and, rather than pressing and refrigerating the crust mixture before use, just to press it roughly straight onto

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JC’s Seafood Risotto

I just love risottos and this is one of my favourites. The trick with risotto is to adjust the cooking heat such that the stock, added gradually, is absorbed over a period of about 20 minutes to make sure that

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Fish Crumble

Yes, I know this might sound strange to those accustomed to an apple crumble but trust me, this savoury crumble works well and has always proved immensely popular with those for whom we’ve cooked it. The savoury cheese crumble mixture

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Gurnard with Nettle Butter

This is a little curiosity I came up with in Cornwall where the gurnard (red or grey, it matters not) are usually excellent. We’ve taken to travelling to Cornwall in the spring when the stinging nettles are at their prime,

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Merluza a la Plancha

The Spanish love their hake. Actually, they love our hake, which they’ve been pinching for years. I’d spent a frustrating but amusing afternoon looking for Spanish Merluza a la Plancha recipes on the internet. The amusement stemmed from the absolutely

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Smoked Haddock and Leek Tart

Another one to try from my favourite fish man, Mr. Stein. Let’s translate this into French and call it a Quiche, eh? Something like: Quiche d’Aiglefin Fumé et Poireaux . Planning serves: 6-8 preparation time: 1 hr cooking time: 50-60

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Tuna with JC’s Thai Salad

This is my modification of one of Rick Stein’s excellent ideas. Rick (or should I say Mr Stein?) makes a noodle salad but I prefer this variation using blanched oriental vegetables. The tuna needs to be thick enough (1 inch

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