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Caneton aux Navets

A French country classic. I had a swift panic recently because I thought I might have lost this recipe. Fortunately, I hadn’t; I found the old Time-Life book, The Cooking of Provincial France , from which it comes. However, for

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Sauce Vierge

Developed by Michel Guérard, this is a fresh, modern, light accompaniment that goes well with plain grilled or pan-fried fish. It remains to be seen whether I can avoid my beloved Salsa Verde to try this, though. I have one

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Alioli Sauce

Alioli in Spain, aioli in France, garlic mayonnaise in Britain. Traditionally, this would be made with 100% olive oil, preferably extra virgin. Personally, I find that a bit too rich and prefer to cut it 50/50 with something lighter like

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Moules Marinières

This is one of those absolute classics, and deservedly so. This is so classic that I really can’t see any reason to cook mussels any other way (except as an ingredient to another dish such as Paella , of course).

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Pignon Tart

My hero doesn’t just do well with fish but he does a very creditable job with desserts, as well, particularly tarts. Pine kernels are certainly not cheap but lashing out on loads for this is well worth the investment. Planning

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French Onion Soup

This is my take on what is probably the ultimate winter-warmer classic. My variation is the stock. I always found beef stock such a fag to make and, frankly, it never seemed terribly successful (entirely down to me, of course).

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Garden Peas à la JC

Fresh garden peas, in their all-too-brief season, are a complete delight. For a bit of variety over and above plain boiled peas (which are excellent), especially when the season is getting advanced and the peas are a little older, this

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Pots au Chocolat

Untried as yet, this one is from Waitrose Food Illustrated . Few peiople can resist a chocolate rush, though, so it should be good. Planning serves: 6 preparation time: 20 mins cooking time: 12 hrs Ingredients 200g plain chocolate (70%)

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Roast Pork Loin stuffed with Prunes

One to try from the childhood archives of the excellent monsieur Raymond Blanc courtesy of his mother, Maman Blanc. I might even try this in my good ol’ trusty Weber grill. Planning serves: 6 preparation time: 6 hrs cooking time:

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Stuffed Tomatoes

Another from the childhood memories of monsieur Raymond Blanc. This seems to be tomatoes stuffed with what is essentially a vegetable risotto. Planning serves: 4 preparation time: 40 mins cooking time: 1 hr Ingredients Olive oil 1 medium onion, finely

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