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Arroz Verde

From the Cadiz episode of Long Weekends by the eminent Rick Stein, back on home turf in the fish and seafood department. Clams, prawns, rice, masses of parsley and obscene amounts of garlic – how could it be anything other

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Arroz Negro con Calamares

This is a black rice dish. It is basically a seafood paella in which the rice is blackened with squid ink, which can be bought in sachets. In Spain, the seafood content is often chopitos/chipirones (baby squid) but, that being

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Crab Linguine

I’ve been after a decent crab pasta recipe for a while after failing to make notes on a more complicated spider crab recipe by Gary Rhodes. This is certainly much simpler and looks worth a try, not that there appears

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Seafood Laksa

One stemming from the New Forest, where we found a kit for a Singaporean Laksa and enjoyed it. At home, I wanted a more genuine recipe without short cuts and this is the one that appealed to me. It must

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Moules Marinières

This is one of those absolute classics, and deservedly so. This is so classic that I really can’t see any reason to cook mussels any other way (except as an ingredient to another dish such as Paella , of course).

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Grilled Squid Salad

If I had a pound for every time I’d heard somebody say, “I don’t like squid ‘cos it’s rubbery”, I’d be a rich man. It isn’t!! Especially if it’s cooked correctly, i.e. hot and fast. This marinated squid makes the

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Shrimp Etouffée

This is basically Paul Prudhomme’s crawfish etouffée from his Louisiana Kitchen made with large prawns, which are a more readily available substitute for rarely seen freshwater crayfish. (One day, I must make a crayfish trap for use in the local

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Since paella recipes vary depending upon what might be available, this should be treated as a guideline. Apparently some people get upset with chorizo in a paella but if you don’t call it Paella Valenciana, you might get away with

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Paad Thai

Thai stir-fried noodles. Since most commentators say that there are as many variations as there are cooks in Thailand, I will deliberately avoid the use of the word “classic”. Planning serves: 4 preparation time: 25 mins cooking time: 10 mins

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