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Smoked Mackerel Paté

I’d wanted to do something along these lines for some time and finally did. This is pared down to the minimum to let the mackerel speak for itself. Planning serves: 4 preparation time: 10 mins cooking time: n/a Ingredients 200g

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Al’s Curry Base Gravy

I have suffered a revelation. There is a whole cookery world out there that I didn’t know existed. It concerns Indian/Bangladeshi curries, which I love. I’ve dabbled with Indian cookery recipes in the past and, I must say, with some

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Al’s Mix Powder

Revelation time: there are a bunch of BIR techniques used in curry cookery. “BIR?”, I hear you ask. BIR = British Indian Restaurants. One of the main exponents of these is Al of Al’s Kitchen on YouTube. Al is a

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Akhni Stock

This is part of my recent BIR (British Indian Rastaurant) curry cookery revelation. It is a flavouring stock to be used in the making of BIR Base Gravy. Planning serves: n/a preparation time: 5 mins cooking time: 15 mins Ingredients

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Smoked Trout & Egg Salad

This is from a Waitrose recipe card . The main appeal of this recipe for me was the light pickling treatment given to the cucumber and onion. As luck would have it, it seemed that no sooner was this recipe

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Pork Chops, Sage and Mushrooms

I’ve always found pork chops to be rather dull and uninteresting. This is a very old standard (for us), however, which I have finally got round firstly, to figuring out how to cook properly and secondly, to documenting. It makes

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Dill and Cucumber Sauce

Odd though this may sound, I find salmon a little dull. Maybe this is because of the amount farmed and that it has become one of the cheapest fish on the market. The wild stuff is good, the organic farmed

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Vegetable Salad

A cooked salad like this featured in the eminent Mr. Stein’s first book, Taste of the Sea , accompanying Skate Mayonnaise. It makes a very versatile, earthy-tasting accompaniment for many things, though. Planning serves: 4 preparation time: 20 mins cooking

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Braised Red Cabbage

This is the most successful execution of Braised Red Cabbage that I’ve come across. I think it’s the addition of a tiny amount of mixed spice that makes the difference. The original uses cooking apples, white onion and white wine

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Parsley Soup

Just occasionally, I end up with a huge bunch of parsely when all I really need is a relatively small amount. Here’s a tasty way to use up the excess so that it doesn’t go to waste. Planning serves: 4

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