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Braised Pig’s Cheeks

Pigs’ cheeks had become quite popular in Spain before we got locked out due to Covid-19. I don’t see them very often in the UK but we did find some in a butcher located inside a local garden centre, so

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Wild Boar Ragù

A classic Italian ragù recipe using delicious wild boar, essentially from Michel Roux Jr. except I’m using dried marjoram instead of his fresh oregano. This is good served over a fresh ribbon pasta such as papardelle and topped with fried,

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Pigs’ Cheeks

Pigs’ Cheeks (most seem to write it as Pig’s Cheeks, which seems to imply a single pig) have become very popular in recent years, particularly in Spain, so here’s a recipe to try that uses them. Long, slow cooking is

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Spanish Cassoulet

Arrocina beans were the original base for this. They are tiny white beans grown in the Gredos mountains of Spain. I’d never heard of them until I found the original of this recipe in Barrafina but I imagine any of

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Arroz Campero

This is similar to a paella but I think, technically, is what would be classed in Spain as one of the arroces. Since this one features a couple of my favourite ingredients, rabbit and morcilla de Burgos, I could hardly

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Lamb Braised in Manzanilla

This is something I’m trying in Spain, where the lamb shoulders are much smaller than in the UK and just about big enough for three. If this proves successful, I may then try it back at home with a full

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Beef Goulash

I am not a great beef eater but I recently discovered Beef Skirt (for a Steak and Kidney pie) and loved it – it actually has beef flavour [shock, horror]. Anxious to use it again, I went in search of

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Maiale al Latte

There are several things to say about this dish. Firstly, this recipe is essentially the Pork in Milk from Rick Stein’s Venice to Istanbul. Secondly, neither the English title of Pork in Milk nor its description, which would be something

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Viennese Gulasch

It’s ages since I cooked a Gulasch (or is that Goulash?) so I thought I should try this one from Rick Stein’s Long Weekend trip to Vienna, despite my generally being rather unimpressed with his meat dishes. Maybe this will

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Lamb Shoulder with Ras el Hanout

I’m not at all sure this is a genuine Moroccan approach but the intention is clearly Moroccan. Very slow cooking is definitely my preferred method with lamb shoulder ‘cos it makes for a meltingly tender result. The Moroccan flavourings used

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