Chicken Livers de Mike

This is work-in-progress. There was a restaurant in Jalón, Spain, whose chef, Mike, was sadly lost to cancer. He made stunning hamburgers, mincing his own steak, and also a very popular dish of chicken livers which he served either on salad or on noodles. There was supposedly a secret ingredient, , which may have been responsible for this dish’s popularity.

This is an ingredient list, sin quantities, which suggests that the secret ingredient was most likely sobrasada, a raw, cured sausage specialty from the Balearic islands. In an earlier personal experience, supermarket sobrasada in a plastic tub proved to be a depressingly unpleasant experience but versions are available from proper charcuteries, which are considerably more palatable. I’ll try it with one of those.

Since there are no quantites given, this must be assembled using your skill and judgement, remembering that you do not want to swamp the chicken livers, which should remain the star ingredient.


serves: n/a
preparation time: 15 mins
cooking time: 15 mins


  • 40% walnut oil
  • 60% olive oil
  • onions, chopped
  • smoked bacon, diced
  • serrano ham, diced
  • sobrasada
  • chicken stock
  • croutons
  • chicken livers, trimmed, washed and dried


Cook the onions slowly until soft in the combined oils. Add some sobrasada, bacon and Serrano and fry for a little longer to mix the flavours.

The original suggestion was now to moisten with enough chicken stock to make a thick sauce, before adding the chicken livers. I’ve tried it that way and I think that’s wrong. I think you need to fry off the chicken livers first, with the sausage and bacon mixture. Then you can add enough chicken stock to make a little sauce, just enough to help coat the noodles with which it goes so well.

Alternatively, the livers can be served with salad but that, maybe, needs the mixture to be a little drier so in this case, just moisten the livers with a little chicken stock and warm it through.

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