Vegetable Salad

A cooked salad like this featured in the eminent Mr. Stein’s first book, Taste of the Sea , accompanying Skate Mayonnaise. It makes a very versatile, earthy-tasting accompaniment for many things, though.


serves: 4
preparation time: 20 mins
cooking time: 10 mins


  • 1 fl oz groundnut oil
  • 75g celery, cut into 4cm julienne.
  • 75g carrot, cut into 4cm julienne.
  • 75g leak, cut into 4cm julienne.
  • 1 fl oz Noilly Prat (or dry vermouth)
  • 75g fine green beans, cut into ~4cm lengths.
  • 75g mangetout peas, cut into ~4cm lengths.
  • Salt & pepper


Sweat the celery, carrot and leak juliennes in the groundnut oil over medium heat, without colouring, for one minute. Add the vermouth, season with a little salt and pepper, and cook gently until the vermouth has evaporated. Turn out onto a plate to cool.

Blanch the green beans and mangetout peas in salted, boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute maximum. Immediately drain and refresh them in cold water to arrest any further cooking. Leave to cool completely.

Mix together the cooled fried and blanched vegetables. The liquid remaining in the fried vegetables should suffice for any dressing. Adjust the seasoning to taste.

This salad looks good served in some curly lettuce leaves doubling as edible dishes.

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