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Roast Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

It’s difficult to beat a roast chicken; I make them frequently. With two of us, though, having eaten the breasts hot, we have the legs left over. This is our favourite way of making use of the legs when it

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Osso Buco

This is classic braised, thick slices of veal shin hailing from Lombardy. Now that Rose Veal is available, we can enjoy it again. The marrow in the centre of the bones is particularly prized to the extent of providing special

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Merluza a la Koxkera

Or, Hake with Clams, Asparagus, Peas and Parsley, if you prefer. The Spanish love their hake and this is a very pleasant way of serving it taken from the eminent Mr. Stein’s book, Spain. I’m lucky enough to be able

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Braised Pig’s Cheeks

Pigs’ cheeks had become quite popular in Spain before we got locked out due to Covid-19. I don’t see them very often in the UK but we did find some in a butcher located inside a local garden centre, so

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Wild Boar Ragù

A classic Italian ragù recipe using delicious wild boar, essentially from Michel Roux Jr. except I’m using dried marjoram instead of his fresh oregano. This is good served over a fresh ribbon pasta such as papardelle and topped with fried,

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Pollo en Pepitoria

Here is one of those delightful Spanish recipes using an Almond sauce. This one, though, is given a lift by being lightly spiced – fragrantly spiced rather than hotly spiced. As usual, the recipes vary markedly on the Internet but

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Duck Vindaloo

In an anglicized Indian Restaurant (mostly Bangladeshi), Vindaloo seems simply to be up near the top, if not at the top, of the heat scale. The name, however is a corruption of vinha d’alhos, meaning wine and garlic, and is

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Chicken Satay

I’ve decided that I’m not a big fan of so-called texture in some of my food; I don’t want crunchy seeds on my salad leaves, for example. Neither do I want crunchy bits of peanut in Satay Sauce. So, since

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Nasi Goreng

I became very fond of this dish during a trip to Sri Lanka, where they often seem to serve it with a Chicken Satay skewer. Nasi Goreng is apparently Indonesian for Fried Rice and to get an authentic flavour said

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Quail in Escabeche

Or Codorniz en Escabeche, to give it its proper Spanish name. I’m very fond of fish in escabeche and, on our journeys back through Spain to the ferry, we’ve seen bottled Quail in Escabeche, so I could hardly resist documenting

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