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Ragoût of Turbot and Scallops

One of the excellent Mr Stein’s creations from Taste of the Sea . I have actually never made this with the scallops; rather using the fillets from a whole chicken turbot which is plenty for four servings. Planning serves: 4

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Tuna Niçoise

A derivative of one of the World’s great salads, Salade Niçoise, which is often augmented by tuna to make a more substantial meal. I had some good tuna steaks but it wasn’t really the weather for a salad. So, I

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Swordfish with Salmoriglio

One to try from the Sicilian leg of Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes . (Note to self: I need to try this and check the water content in the salmoriglio.) Planning serves: 4 preparation time: 30 mins cooking time: 10 mins

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Skate with a Herb Crust

This recipe is from The Fish Course by Susan Hicks. Skate is a tasty, easy to eat fish courtesy of its flat bone (well, cartilage, really) structure. This dish has the added advantage of being reasonably healthy since the fish

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Roast Skate with Chilli Beans

A wonderful, interesting way to cook skate from the pre-eminent Mr. Stein’s Seafood (based upon his cookery school). I’ve no idea of the provenance of this dish but it seems to be Mexican/Spanish to me, given the use of chillies,

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Skate with Beurre Noisette

The classic skate recipe. The aroma of the black butter is guaranteed to get the digestive juices flowing. Planning serves: 4 preparation time: 15 mins cooking time: 45 mins Ingredients 1½ ltr water 75 ml white wine vinegar 2 bay

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Salmon l’Avenue

One of the most memorable meals I have had was in San Francisco at a restaurant called l’Avenue. It was salmon with a lobster sauce, topped with a julienne of carrot and leek. This is an attempt to create that

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Salmon en Croute

This recipe is an adaptation of one in the Reader’s Digest Cookery Year . The original uses double cream in the asparagus mixture but I find that light cream cheese binds it better and has less tendency to wet the

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Salmon Baggins

This developed from an idea by my fish-cooking hero, Rick Stein, giving an oriental influence to a little seen ingredient called, somewhat ferociously, wolf fish. Since I can’t get wolf fish, I decided to try it with salmon. I also

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Monkfish and Spring Vegetables

From good ol’ Keith Floyd’s Floyd on France . This is a great one-pot fish dish that usually suits even those who may be a little nervous of eating fish. The earthy flavours from the vegetables used in the dish

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