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Lamb Braised in Manzanilla

This is something I’m trying in Spain, where the lamb shoulders are much smaller than in the UK and just about big enough for three. If this proves successful, I may then try it back at home with a full

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Caneton aux Navets

A French country classic. I had a swift panic recently because I thought I might have lost this recipe. Fortunately, I hadn’t; I found the old Time-Life book, The Cooking of Provincial France , from which it comes. However, for

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Beef Goulash

I am not a great beef eater but I recently discovered Beef Skirt (for a Steak and Kidney pie) and loved it – it actually has beef flavour [shock, horror]. Anxious to use it again, I went in search of

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Maiale al Latte

There are several things to say about this dish. Firstly, this recipe is essentially the Pork in Milk from Rick Stein’s Venice to Istanbul. Secondly, neither the English title of Pork in Milk nor its description, which would be something

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Viennese Gulasch

It’s ages since I cooked a Gulasch (or is that Goulash?) so I thought I should try this one from Rick Stein’s Long Weekend trip to Vienna, despite my generally being rather unimpressed with his meat dishes. Maybe this will

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Arroz Verde

From the Cadiz episode of Long Weekends by the eminent Rick Stein, back on home turf in the fish and seafood department. Clams, prawns, rice, masses of parsley and obscene amounts of garlic – how could it be anything other

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Spanish Fish Stew with Almond Crust

One to try from Thomasina Myers, who seemed to forget to tell us what to do with the almond mixture so I’ve taken a wild guess. Planning serves: 4 preparation time:  15 mins cooking time:  45 mins Ingredients 4 tbs

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Arroz Negro con Calamares

This is a black rice dish. It is basically a seafood paella in which the rice is blackened with squid ink, which can be bought in sachets. In Spain, the seafood content is often chopitos/chipirones (baby squid) but, that being

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Duck Confit

This is my generation II of a duck confit recipe, this being based on one from the master, Raymond Blanc. Some duck confit recipes seem to end up too salty; this one did not and tasted terrific. It makes a

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Parsi Chicken with Apricots

One as yet to be tried – seems a bit like a sweet and sour chicken tagine. This delicately sweet-and-sour dish of chicken cooked with dried apricots is apparently from the Parsi community, of Persian descent within India. It is

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