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Tea-Smoked Chicken

One that I’ve had on this site for a while to try out. It was from James Martin. I’ve finally tried it out and wanted to post it again with a public health warning, in the hope that, if anyone

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Caramelized Duck Breasts

I recently learned the best way of cooking duck breasts with the fat on is from cold. My suspicion is that it lets the fat run better. This recipe uses that method and adds a little extra flavour with an

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Pollo al Ajillo

Said to be the most popular way to cook chicken in Spain, as the name implies this is something of a garlic fest. As usual, variations abound. This is my most successful execution which, typically, was my first attempt. It

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Roast Duck

I prefer to roast duck slowly at first to make the fat run out, then crisp it under a higher temperature towards the end. Well, actually I prefer to cook it via indirect heat in a Weber grill but this’ll

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Tarragon Chicken

A swift Internet investigation of either Tarragon Chicken or, in French, Poulet à l’Estragon reveals that there seems to be no standard way to prepare, or even to describe, such a dish. This idea for a roasted whole chicken version

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Thai Chicken Red Curry

This has developed from a couple of sources including Nigel Slater and Muoi Khuntilanont’s Kitchen. The colour associated with the so-called curry paste is really just down to the colour of the chillies used, though the colour can be enhanced

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Suprêmes de Volaille au Roquefort

This recipe was a result of experimenting during a trip to San Francisco when I was trying to cook something for some friends. It is breast of chicken in a white wine and cream sauce flavoured with Roquefort cheese. If

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Poulet à la Crème

This is a Normandy recipe taken from the Reader?s Digest Cookery Year . Being from Normandy, apples feature strongly. It is a very rich sauce which, being cream based and thickened with egg yolk, demands caution to avoid curdling. Planning

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Lebanese Lemon Chicken

This one is based on a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Kitchen . Since I don’t yet know where to buy farika, I’ve only ever used bulghur wheat. Why one would use tequila or vodka instead of the white wine,

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JO’s Chicken Kebabs

From Jamie’s Kitchen . Planning serves: 4 preparation time: 1½ hrs cooking time: 10 mins Ingredients 500g chicken breasts, cut into 2½cm cubes 4 courgettes, sliced thinly lengthwise 4 long skewers (or fresh rosemary sticks, lower leaves removed) 1 hfl

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