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Caneton aux Navets

A French country classic. I had a swift panic recently because I thought I might have lost this recipe. Fortunately, I hadn’t; I found the old Time-Life book, The Cooking of Provincial France , from which it comes. However, for

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Duck Confit

This is my generation II of a duck confit recipe, this being based on one from the master, Raymond Blanc. Some duck confit recipes seem to end up too salty; this one did not and tasted terrific. It makes a

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Parsi Chicken with Apricots

One as yet to be tried – seems a bit like a sweet and sour chicken tagine. This delicately sweet-and-sour dish of chicken cooked with dried apricots is apparently from the Parsi community, of Persian descent within India. It is

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Chicken Biryani

Proper Biryanis do not have hot spice in them. Why, then, do most of the recipes out there in Internet-land toss in chillis of one colour or another? Madhur Jaffrey is usually a reliable source of recipes which approach genuine.

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Tea-Smoked Chicken

One that I’ve had on this site for a while to try out. It was from James Martin. I’ve finally tried it out and wanted to post it again with a public health warning, in the hope that, if anyone

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Caramelized Duck Breasts

I recently learned the best way of cooking duck breasts with the fat on is from cold. My suspicion is that it lets the fat run better. This recipe uses that method and adds a little extra flavour with an

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Pollo al Ajillo

Said to be the most popular way to cook chicken in Spain, as the name implies this is something of a garlic fest. As usual, variations abound. This is my most successful execution which, typically, was my first attempt. It

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Roast Duck

I prefer to roast duck slowly at first to make the fat run out, then crisp it under a higher temperature towards the end. Well, actually I prefer to cook it via indirect heat in a Weber grill but this’ll

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Tarragon Chicken

A swift Internet investigation of either Tarragon Chicken or, in French, Poulet à l’Estragon reveals that there seems to be no standard way to prepare, or even to describe, such a dish. This idea for a roasted whole chicken version

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Thai Chicken Red Curry

This is a slightly modified transcription from Muoi Khuntilanont’s Kitchen. It is as yet untried. You can find a recipe for the red curry paste on this site also. Naturally, Thai aubergines are notoriously difficult to find in England. I

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