Shield Bugs

Carol is the driving force behind the Shield Bugs collection and I have to agree, they are fascinating, colourful little critters. They are certainly small enough to benefit from her wonderful macro lens (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM), as some of these pictures demonstrate.

A few individuals began life within our Insects album but that was getting unwieldy so Shield Bugs have been promoted to having an album of their own. With the various instar stages that the nymphs go through, there’s no shortage of subjects to search for, either.

Birch Shield Bug Brassica Bug Forest Bug
Gorse Shield Bug Green Shield Bug Hawthorn Shield Bug
Juniper Shield Bug Parent Bug Sloe Bug Southern Green Shield Bug
Eurydema ornata
Graphosoma lineatum Peribalus strictus Rhaphigaster nebulosa

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