I suppose it was only a small step from butterflies and dragonflies to being interested in other n-legged friends (where n => 6) and, yes, I know that technically insects have only 6 legs. Thus, this page should really dedicated to Other Arthropods but I wanted to keep the title simple. 🙂

I have a couple field guides to insects [which are also technically field guides to Arthropods] but there are so many subspecies that precise documentation and identification seems horrendously difficult. Besides, the field guides often seem to expect one to have a dead specimen to study, usually the hapless creature’s genitalia, with a microscope or hand lens. Apart from the indignity, as a casual observer I refuse to kill to identify.

Here’s a collection of the other Arthropods that we’ve snapped so far.

Bees & Wasps
Grasshoppers & Crickets
Other flying critters
Stick Insect Leafhopper Froghopper
Stonefly Centipede Millipede
The Water World

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